Training for General Practice extends over 3 years and incorporates 18 months in hospital specialties and 18 months in General Practice.

Six months of the General Practice experience is undertaken in posts that allow release to a hospital specialty to gain additional experience and these are termed GP + posts.


Palliative Care


The final 12 months of General Practice will be undertaken in a training practices.

In August we had five new doctors start their GP training with us!! They are:

GPST1 - Dr Christy Dillon. Dr Dillon will be with us for four months and will be in Surgery on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday, she will also be doing Dermatology clinics at TGH on a Tuesday and Thursday she will be at teaching all day.

GPST2 – Dr Kamran Baig. Dr Baig will be with us for six months and he will be in surgery on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons and Fridays. He will also be with the community paediatric team on a Tuesdays and Thursday morning s will be at teaching.

GPST2- Dr Rabiah Haque . Dr Haque will be with us for six months and she will be in surgery on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Friday all day. She will also be a Willow Wood Hospice on Monday mornings and Thursday morning will be at teaching.

GP ST3 – Dr Chinoye Out and Dr Emma Purvis will be with us full time for a year.