A prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) lets you get as many NHS prescriptions as you need for a set price.

If you regularly pay prescription charges, a PPC could save you money.

The prescription charge in England is £9.00 per item.

A PPC costs:

  • £29.10 for 3 months
  • £104 for 12 months

The quickest way to buy a PPC is to buy it online.

Buy one online: https://apps.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/ppcwebsales/patient.do

How much you can save

Number of prescribed medicines you need each month Saving with a 12 month PPC Saving with a 3 month PPC
2 Over £105 a year Over £20 in 3 months
3 Over £210 a year Over £50 in 3 months
4 Over £315 a year Over £75 in 3 months

 Other ways to apply

In a pharmacy registered to sell PPCs



How you can pay

You can pay for a PPC by:

  • Direct Debit (online or by telephone)
  • card payment (online or by telephone)
  • at the till (in pharmacy)
  • cheque or postal order (by post)