What are foodbanks?

Food Banks have been set up by local and national organisations to help people who are in crisis. They provide short-term emergency relief for people who would otherwise go hungry.

There are several Food Banks in Tameside; and most of these have been set up recently. Supporting the community to have enough of the right food to eat can engage the whole community. This is because Food Banks need some organisation, some resources, volunteer helpers and lots of supporters. Often, this interest starts simply, when people buy an extra tin when they are shopping.

Why do people need them?

The basic reason why people need Food Banks is because they don't have food to put on the table. At the moment, when people give reasons, the most common reasons are benefit delay or sanction, or having debts which take up all their spare income. Single people and families, working people and those unable to find work: a wide range of people need Food Banks.

What is it like to visit a foodbank?

Food Banks tend to be quite calm places, though they sometimes get busy! Food Bank volunteers don't give advice, but they listen, and may be able to give information about further help.

Food Bank help is confidential and volunteers are not there to judge people. Food Banks will usually give 3 days worth of non-perishable food each visit, to a person or family. People can normally make up to three visits in a certain time period

To find your local foodbank or donate please clinic here: http://www.advicetameside.org.uk/foodbanks